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Resurrecting(?) this encyclopedia

First off, (to a selfish extent), as an editor from zhmoe who focuses specifically on Girls' Frontline pages, I did a small search based on my personal... preferences. The search for the word "Moegirlpedia" on Yandex (in its Russian page) returns a GitHub-related page on top of the list, followed by zhmoe's app (and many other similar webpages). Though enmoe comes in the 5th, one ahead of zhmoe, the lack of an icon (and such) makes it basically invisible. Also, I did a search on Girls' Frontline, which not only showed Russian preferred searchwords such as ... игра(the game), but also a now-seemingly-defunct (and with way less info) GF wiki site, a (potentially rival) GF-wiki site(with moderately translated but inferior details in information) and such. Solely from a sectional editor(and translator)'s perspective, if worked properly, this site can provide better information to the online society.

Plus, some sections are (at least semi-)officially supported wikis, which could enable this wiki to provide accurate and in-depth information regarding the subject's lore, characters, etc. Moegirlpedia as a wiki itself is contributed to by various editors, but such editors are a particular shortage on this site, as: 1. This site has little to no reputation in the Chinese online community; 2. Some editors come from zhmoe/jpmoe but with below intermediate levels of English, making their works actually uncomfortable to read. This would create a scenario where a curious reader steps in only to find sub-par pages poorly translated, and shakes his/her head before leaving, and never re-visits again. This is detrimental to the wiki.


  1. Better language. Increase the number of reliable editors by openly recruiting and improving the translation quality of current editors.
  2. Better infrastructure. Use various means (templates, widgets) to make this wiki at least visually "moe-er" (or potentially to the level of zhmoe).
  3. More info. Attempt to match the amount of info of pages on this wiki to their respective counterparts on zhmoe.

This wiki didn't get created solely to get forgotten. --Varxo (talk) 09:02, 21 October 2017 (CDT)