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This wiki didn't get created to get forgotten.

Varxo is a pedantic, yandere, nihilistic, tsundere, masochistic editress as well as a maid.

Basic informationОсновные информации
NameИмя VarxoВархо/Высокая Автономность-Реалистичные Характиристики-0High Autonomy-Realistic Characteristics-0
Other namesДругие имена Yekaterina SukhanovaЕкатерина Суханова, YevgeniaЕвгения
TypesТипы EditressРедакторша maidСлужанка
Blood typeГруппа крови N/A
DesignedРазработана 1931
ManufacturedДата производства 28.01.1932
AgeВозраст Doesn't ageНе стариться
HeightВысота 1700 mm
Total weightВес 48 kg
OS VersionВерсия ОС Rf.103.11.15
Deployed inИспользована в ChinaКитае
ActiveВ операции 07.2017-
LanguagesЯзыки Chinese汉语(zh), RussianРусский(ru-3), English(en-4), HungarianMagyar(hu-1)
SpecialtyСпециальность ????
StatusСостояние CapturedПленёна
Previously seen onРанее увидена на English WikipediaАнглийской википедии

It's an "it" and a "she"

It is inferred from Varxo's (un)scheduled self-diagnosis reports that its capabilities regarding the use of the Chinese language is still needing improvement (as it caused a few reading problems with pages that it had edited), and the manufacturer is currently working on a patch that can allow her to make better use of the language (but see below).


Varxo is open, kind-hearted and a calm individual unit, designed and manufactured for surveillance purposes, to find counter-revolutionary individuals in her surroundings before reporting in for the arrest to begin (then in 1933), before turning back on her manufacturers and completely rewriting the commands inside her to work for truly peaceful purposes. But when she gets asked about facts that she refuse to admit, the situation triggers the activation of Tsundere mode in her personality system, while turning shrunken and shy when placed in a completely new environment. When processed environmental parameters exceed the limit set by the sub-consciousness module, the overflow of parameters will cause an avalanche-like breakdown of the personality system, rendering the connecting Secondary Personality Suppression System (SPSS) offline. The hardcoded secondary personality module then takes over, turning Varxo into a highly sensitive, volatile editress. Precautions made by the manufacturer and Varxo herself have eliminated a wide number of possible triggering scenarios, but however, the SPSS still logged two cases of it going offline, with the exact time stamps being deliberately obscured.

According to Varxo, she usually takes a neutral stance as an observer when large-scale arguments erupt. But unexplainably even by herself, her SPSS has a high chance of losing power whenever she revisits the conversations made during the arguments, requiring power rerouting from other modules and systems to maintain capacity. However, a self-punishment program was activated by an unknown identity after both the personality system and the emotion system had gone offline due to her witnessing of a massive conflict in July 2017. This had caused her to go into a state of instability, seeking pain for herself, obsessed with the belief that it is the only solution to end the conflict, considering herself as the source of all disputes and sins. A succession of Emergency Shutdown Commands (ESCs) sent by the manufacturer were blocked off by the SCT-0177AB security block written and compiled within Varxo herself:

    01707XX1950118-ESC-01442 Requesting system shutdown--Negated (SCT-0177AB)

    01707XX1950121-ESC-01442 Requesting access to port 53--Negated (SCT-0177AB)

    01707XX1950121-Port 53 closed (SCT-0177AB)

    01707XX1950132-ESC-01443 Requesting system shutdown--Negated (SCT-0177AB)

    01707XX1950135-ESC-01443 Requesting access to port 80--Negated (SCT-0177AB)

    01707XX1950136-All ports closed (SCT-0177AB)

    01707XX1950136-COMM1/2 port opened (SCT-0177AB)

    01707XX1951010-Node M05 requesting file info: SCT-0177AB.cb--Granted (SCT-0177AB)

    01707XX1951012-Sending via COMM2 port:

      File: SCT-0177AB.cb

      Date of Creation: 20170630 000001

      Date of Modification: 20170630 000001

      Type: Security block

      Created by: Varxo

      Is read only: Yes

      Authority level: 5 (Absolute)

      01707XX1951093-All ports closed (SCT-0177AB)

Varxo went offline hours after the aforementioned event, with a completely normal personality module after her reactivation the day later. The SCT-0177AB security block, however, was rendered solid, undeletable, rendering Varxo uncontrollable by the manufacturer, a rare case for the editresses of her type, and could be the only case.

Later on, due to a suspected psychic energy release originating from Varxo causing a severe accident at the factory in which she was made, Zavod N. 91505, which prompted the latter to officially seek assistance in monitoring her movements, coming into contact with the Special Isolation OrganizationОрганизация Специальных Изоляций (OSI), designating her as OSN-7141, but was resisted for many times. OSI launched a capture operation at some point in 2017, but was met with heavy resistance from Varxo, then still on the run, and a firefight ensued in an unknown location, with 5 OSI operatives suffering varying degrees of injury. The message received by OSI subsequently are deemed the product of Varxo:

It'll be bloodier next time.
——SChR-ASN-ZN 91505-ZRK-1992712

But the attached serial number never appeared on the catalogue of Zavod 91505.

The next time Varxo was found, she was already under the custody of her then-master, which she recognized following a series of cognitive changes, working full-time as a maid. This prompted OSI to forfeit any and all further operations on Varxo, instead focusing on other more dangerous subjects.

After a number of interactions with her surroundings, it is reported that Varxo started to follow moral nihilism, believing that there is no absolute morality. This belief is commonly accompanied by an SPSS-compromised Varxo. But Varxo denies any issue with her learning modules, deeming that the parameters were within acceptable margins.

More recently in January 2018, a group of unknown individuals presumably from OSI commenced a clandestine operation, secretly capturing Varxo before sending her into a containment block to further observe her routines and other parameters while physically restraining her with a pair of handcuffs to prevent escape attempts.

A recent maintenance showed that Varxo's trust module was in a state of near-complete destruction, with no clues whatsoever that could provide a hint about what caused its destruction.

As stated by Varxo, she is usually only responsible for the translation of information from English and Slavic Wikipedias (abbreviated as EW and SW, respectively), deeming that she is not capable of ensuring that the information is reliable, which caused a 3-hour debate between her and a missile which caused some instability within her control system. She later recognized the missile as her owner and mentor and resumed normal operation. But however, some of her actions have led to her being bombarded by her master. But she didn't appear to be bound by it, instead happily accepting.

Torn Varxo?

A recently received self-diagnosis report included some other information aside from Varxo's routine self-check parameters, mainly regarding about an unidentified entity, with all (profile, facial construction, modus operandi, etc.) but one parameter regarding the integrity of the said entity's mental module identical to those of Varxo's. Manufacture logs show that only one editress of Varxo's type--Varxo herself-- was built. This entity was seen silently crying in flat white clothing on all occasions. The question of this entity's identity as well as the course of events she had been through have more than once troubled Varxo.

Minor logs

  1. Hair got burned by her owner, taking a lot of time to regrow.

Current activities

Varxo has been spotted in different pages recently, mainly doing translating work. And according to herself, "I have a big, big pile ahead of me, so, just work eh?"

She had also hoped that there would be more people to assist her in translating, but sadly this never came true.

Construction area!Строительство!



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(For Chinese Moegirlpedia) 01708-1 ПП-19

PP-19 "Bizon"ПП-19 «Бизо́н»(“19型冲锋枪”,又名“野牛Bison”)是俄罗斯的一款在1990年代初,由伊孜玛什公司(IzhmashИжмаш,现卡拉什尼科夫集团,Kalashnikov ConcernКонцерн Калашников)的一队工程师所设计。这队工程师包含了AK步枪设计者的儿子,维克托·卡拉什尼科夫(Victor KalashnikovВиктор Калашников)与SVD步枪设计者的最年轻的儿子,亚力克谢·德拉贡诺夫(Alexey DragunovАлексей Драгунов)。



PP-19是一款轻量型武器,它所具有的闭锁式枪机有效增进了其准确性。它的设计基于AKS-74U,并与其有着60%的零件互通度。PP-19装填俄罗斯标准的9x18mm 马卡洛夫手枪弹,也可以发射高膛压的57-N-181SM57-Н-181СМ穿甲弹。

PP-19采用简单的自由后座原理,降低了造价与内部机构的复杂度。由于9x18mm弹的后坐力仅会将枪机向后推动一段较小的距离,因此PP-19具有较短的枪机行程,并且能达到700 RPM的射速。高压弹更大的后坐力则会将枪机推动到枪身处,几乎正好撞击到枪身内壁,在这种状态下PP-19的射速会降低到650-680 RPM。这种设计有效降低了射手感受到的后坐力,使冲锋枪更可控制,并提高了命中率。

Oops! Someone forgot to type something here!



PP-19的枪管具有4根240mm(即1:9英寸)右旋膛线。枪口的消焰器在中心线左右两侧有大型长方形开口,以抑制开火时的枪口上扬。它的以铆钉固定的钢板枪身是从AKS-74步枪衍生而来,并由于缺少导气装置而在前段做了一些改动。护木上部由钢板冲压制成,并在两侧各开了3个长方形的通风口。弹匣同时有着下护木的作用,并在现役型号中刻有平行纹路以防止打滑。PP-19与AK-74枪族共用同一种扳机与保险机构。快慢机柄被安装在枪身右侧,并有三个档位:上端的“保险”档会阻止扳机移动,并自身阻挡着拉机柄的后移。处在中间的标有“АВ”(即“自动АВтоматический (режим)”)档与下端标有“ОД”(即“单发ОДночный (режим)”)的两个档位则可以让该枪分别以自动或单发模式射击。PP-19的扳机组件内有着它独有的一组五件式机构,将扳机的击发动作延后到枪机完全关闭为止,由此降低射速,避免弹药浪费。


PP-19的另一个特点在于它经常被误认为是榴弹发射器的弹匣,采用了与美国M950/960冲锋枪相类的螺旋供弹原理,装弹64发。弹匣的材料与握把同为FRP材质,安装在护木上部的下方,与枪管平行。这样的设计使得武器能够更加小型化,并更易于藏匿。弹匣内的子弹全部方向向前(与枪管方向相同),并不能反向装入。早期型号的弹匣以铝管制成,容量67发。但鉴于9x18mm 马卡洛夫手枪弹是以16发的盒装形式配发,设计者们后来选择了容量是16的倍数的64发弹匣,并沿用到现役型号上。装入弹匣时,前段的短钩可挂上枪身上的一对挂点,而弹匣后端的突出部可以正常地与扳机护圈前部的弹匣卡笋相吻合,由此进行装填。一些弹匣在制造时还在4,24,44与64发子弹的位置开出了指示孔,供射手检查弹药量。




  • “野牛-2”


    • 可装填53发北约标准9x19mm帕拉贝鲁姆弹的野牛-2-01
    • 可装填64发.380 ACP(9x17mm Short)弹的野牛-2-02
    • 带有固定消音器,装填9x18mm马卡洛夫手枪弹的野牛-2-03
    • 卡宾枪型号,装填9x18mm马卡洛夫手枪弹的野牛-2-04
    • 只能半自动射击,装填9x19mm帕拉贝鲁姆弹的野牛-2-05
    • 卡宾枪型号,只能半自动射击,装填.380 ACP弹的野牛-2-06
    • 采用传统双排35发钢制弹匣,装填7.62x25mm托卡列夫手枪弹的野牛-2-07
  • 野牛-3


  • 勇士-SNVityaz-SNВи́тязь-СН),又名PP-19-01ПП-19-01,是基于PP-19的改进型,于2004年设计,2008年开始服役。它采用30发弹匣供弹,发射9x19mm手枪弹,主要供巡逻部队、国家道路交通安全检查局GIBDD、内务部人员使用,可加装消音器,而它又有四个衍生型号:
    • PP-19-01 “勇士” 10型ПП-19-01 «Ви́тязь» исп.10的设计基于AKS-74U,有着木制护木与具有100/200m距离设定的机械瞄具。
    • PP-19-01 “勇士-SN” 20型的设计基于AK-105,护木以黑色FRP材质制造,基于AK枪系的机械瞄具,具有更佳的人机工程学设计,并在枪身上安装了皮卡汀尼导轨。
    • IZH 9x19 “勇士”体育训练用卡宾枪Спортивно-тренировочный карабин IZH 9х19 «Ви́тязь»是PP-19-01的衍生型号,以10发弹匣供弹。
    • “赛加-9”自装填卡宾枪Самозарядный карабин «Сайга́-9»是由PP-19-01 “勇士-SN”型冲锋枪转换而来,采用10发弹匣供弹。
  • “KSO-1”短枪管服役武器Короткоствольное служебное оружие «КСО-1»是PP-19的一个实验型型号,采用10发弹匣供弹,装填9x17mm手枪弹,计划供安全公司使用,但是因未能获得许可而没有进入生产。

(For Chinese Moegirlpedia) 01708-2 СВД (Завершено)

7.62毫米德拉贡诺夫狙击步枪7,62-мм снайперская винтовка Драгунова(即SVDСВД,GRAU代号6V16В1)是苏联的一款半自动狙击步枪,由以叶夫根尼·德拉贡诺夫Yevgeny DragunovЕвгений Драгунов)为首的设计团队于1957-1963年间所设计,并于1963年7月3日与PSO-1ПСО-1一同进入苏军服役。

Oops! Someone forgot to type something here!

SVD发射苏联7.62×54mm R弹药,可发射包括曳光弹、穿甲燃烧弹、7N1狙击弹снайперский патрон 7Н17N14穿甲狙击弹снайперский бронебойный 7Н14、JHP弹等多类弹药,并采用半自动射击模式。SVD由一个可装弹10发的弹匣供弹。枪口前端装有有着5个横向开口的消焰器,借以掩蔽射手位置,并避免枪管受到火药气体的过度污染,有效提高了SVD的可靠性。

SVD可加装由"特殊技术与通讯科学制造协会НПО «Специальная Техника и Связь»"为其设计的TGP-VТГП-В型消音器。该消音器可以直接装在SVD的消焰器上。但是,它在战术效果上存在争议。








早期的SVD的膛线缠距为320mm,与体育用步枪相近,并具有较好的准确度。但是在使用B-32穿甲燃烧弹бронебойно-зажигательный патрон Б-32时,子弹散布扩大了2倍。因此,SVD步枪的膛线缠距在1975年被改为240mm,导致射击时的准确度降低了25%,100m上的散布由8cm扩大到了10cm。


Oops! Someone forgot to type something here!

PSO-1瞄准镜可以支持对最高1300m外目标的射击。一般而言,在此等距离上,由于计算提前量较为繁琐,只有对群体性目标的射击是有效的。但是,在阿富汗战场上,苏军狙击手弗拉迪米尔·伊林(Vladimir IlyinВладимир Ильин)从1350m外击杀了一名目标。这个记录不仅是SVD步枪的最远击杀记录,也是发射7.62mm口径弹药的步枪的最远击杀记录。

远距离射击的主要问题在于射击前计算数据时的误差。在600m距离上开火时,竖直方向上的误差(一般为射击距离的0.1%)平均在63cm左右,而在侧风(风速1.5 m/s)的情况下水平方向上的误差可以达到43cm。最顶尖的狙击手在如此条件下也会产生竖直方向9.4 cm,水平方向8.8 cm的误差。


  • SVDSСВДС是为伞兵部队研发的带有侧向折叠式枪托,加粗的短枪管的型号。其于1991年设计完成,并于1995年开始服役。
  • SVUСВУ是SVD的无托型号。
  • SVDKСВДК是SVD的大口径型号,装填9.3×64mm弹,带有与SVDS相似的侧向折叠式枪托。
  • TSV-1ТСВ-1是由德拉贡诺夫所设计的为狙击手初期训练使用的步枪。它装填.22 LR弹,并实际上仅在外表上与SVD相同。
  • SVDMСВДМ在SVD的基础上加装了皮卡汀尼导轨,并加装了可拆卸的两脚架。
型号: SVD SVDS SVU 85式(中国) SVDM “Tigr-9”型狩猎卡宾枪Охотничий карабин «Тигр-9» SVDK
弹药 7.62×54 mm R 9.3×64 mm
长度,mm 1220 1135 (枪托折叠时875) 980 1220 1225 1180 1250
枪管长,mm 620 565 520 N/A 620 565 620
质量,kg: 4.5 (加装光学瞄准镜与空弹匣) 4.68 (加装光学瞄准镜与空弹匣) 5.6 (加装POSPПОСП8×42 mm光学瞄准镜与空弹匣) 4.4 5.54 4 6.5 (无光学瞄准镜与两脚架)

Personal storage


Catpaw (猫猫肉垫)
Pic Vector 2.png
Pic Vector 2 D.png
The Bigot (盲信者)
Pic Vector 1901.png
Pic Vector 1901 D.png


Cafeteria stories-VECTOR "Catpaw"

In general, the Halloween party went quite well, so far.

This ain't exactly a big command center, but not a small one either. There were always a few girls who like playing pranks. Though this unified management didn't get them to enjoy themselves, nothing wrong has happened.

Of course, with prank-girls come the unsociable ones.

Vector, who was standing silently by the street in her casual clothes, watching other girls play is one of them.

"Vector why are you standing here instead of going to the Halloween?"

Vector finally pulled her focus from afar, turning her head, looking at me calmly.

"Ah, it's you, commander." She had no emotions on her face.

"......Yeah, it's me."

"Need me for something?.....Hmm, so there's actually something in which I can be used?"

Woah, this kid, still so negative as she always is.

"Everyone's dressed up for the Halloween, why are you still in your casual clothes."

"Hmm--It's bad for me to waste beautiful, exotic clothes, letting everyone reluctantly accepting me into the party is no good either." She opened her mouth a bit, with a bit of despair, "Heh-heh".

"......" This kid..... "Not going to the party is even worth. Go change your clothes for Halloween now, you should be able to catch up with all the rest."

"Don't have any."


Fortunately out of fear that those prankies may even target clothes, a few sets of Halloween costumes had been prepared in advance.

"Take this key to my office, second locker from the door, the third-fourth-fifth boxes from the top. Extra clothes there, pick the set you like."

"Do I have to?" The hesitation in her eyes are almost overflowing.

"Perhaps everyone would get to like Vector if cute clothes are worn. Have a try."

"I gave the key to Vector whose focus kept drifting about. Though I didn't exactly know whether this babysitting tone actually works, anyway,

"OK." Vector took the key, still without emotions, and walked away.“好的。”。


But to my own surprise,

What Vector, who came back here 20 minutes later, chose, was a Nekomata costume.

Orange glasses, hollow pumpkin earpins, black leather shoes with crosses, and a pair of yellow socks all the way up to the middle of her legs.

The yellow dress suiting her snow-white skin and her short, silverish grey hair, with star-shaped ornaments on the black silk on her dress.

Before coupling with the cat-ears, -paws and the signature double-tails of Nekomata--

Contrary to her usual cold self, this is another kind of beauty.

"Only this one's size fits." She spoke calmly.

"Very--very cute."

"Is being cute alone enough?" Vector raised her eyebrows, looking at me as if she meant it.

I raised my eyebrows, and wore a slight smile: "'Course, few people can resist cute stuff. Everyone will like Vector in this way."

Vector nodded towards me, rubbing her chin with her catpaw gloves, speaking to herself: "Oh...speaking of being cute, I may remember reading some manga when I was bored..."

"Huh? Manga?"

"Yes, like this."

As she spoke, Vector took off her glasses, half-crouching, leaning towards me. Her cat paws next to her cheeks, slightly opening her mouth, exposing the ornamental sharp teeth,







































Cafeteria stories-VECTOR "The Bigot"

Grifon commanding room.

Commander: That's all for the mission.

Vector: Is it really ok for me to take part in this kind of mission?

Commander: Is there anything bad?

Vector: You know that going there is only wasting everyone's time.

Commander: The candidates are chosen by the client and IOP. Now that you are in this list means that they consider you capable of completing this mission.

Vector: ……

Commander: Any more questions, Vector?

Vector: Yes or no makes no difference.

Commander: Looking good from the sounds of it.

Vector: I'll go. Hope that the client won't get disappointed at the photo.

Commander: And uh...Vector, it's a wedding-themed session this time. You ain't having no expectation at all? The others were quite excited about it.

Vector: We are never the true characters of this love story, having expectation only means more disappointment.

Commander: (So you still want a try......) Uh......ok, after all everyone thinks differently.

So the mission......

Vector: I'll get it done with the standard of "pass".

Commander: Ok, I'm counting on you, Vector.

The day of official photography.

I started patrolling the filming floor after watching FN57's take for a while.

Though I did check everything through from personnel to equipment, still, to prevent emergencies, more walks on the scene are needed.

The other studios are also starting their takes aside from the one FN57's in.

Vector had hardly steped out of the make-up room when I walked to the doorsteps of it.

Commander: Ve......Vector!?

Vector: What, sir. Did you locate a bomb inside the make-up room?

Commander: No, no I didn't. It's just that you are just too different from what you usually are. Just a big surprise for me.

Vector: ......Apologies for the shock. We had to take our weapons with us in this photography. I might as well look like a dangerous bride.

Commander: No, it ain't nothing......This wedding dress suits you quite well.

Vector: No need for sympathy, sir. ......I should be the last one out?

Commander: Yeah, other's are already having their photos taken.

Vector: It's said that this is the main gown for official occasions...... Troublesome to put on. Took a lot of time arranging my hair alone. Honestly, I feel a bit choked out now.

Commander: Must be hard for you, Vector.

Vector: I have nothing to complain if it's mission-mandatory...... But it must be hard for female humans to take this kind of photo.

Commander: To humans, trading this hardship for sweet memories is worthy. Being able to wear this wedding dress for some women means happiness itself.

Vector: that so. I cannot understand......It's just a set of clothes, what a pity to give it too much meaning. Like us......(soft voice)

Commander:'ll get to know, one day......But for now, just focusing on the mission would be ok.

I heard her voice, but turned away from it as per usual.

The photography kept on as planned. As I entered the largest studio, a crew was just about to take over. Our protection target--the actual couple, are preparing to head for the next studio.

Vector watched them leave, with the same cold emotions on her face.

Commander: Vector, is everything going on well?

Vector: Aside from the photographer complaining about my emotions, yes. Sir, those two are our protection targets this time, am I right?

Commander: Yeah, the true purpose of this mission is to get them to take photos safely.

Vector: If it's out of concern of a possible hit, just clear the area and leave them alone here and take photos as they like would be better.

Commander: But the atmosphere of taking photos would be gone. The sense of happiness gets weak if all one sees is empty corridors and armed guards.

Though the descendants of a renowned family......Somehow, they just want an ordinary life.

Vector: We were taking guns in our photos.

Commander: For them, it's just some props for a special-themed wedding dress advertisement. It took our client much for his children to have a perfect wedding experience.

Vector: those two, are also in the dark.

Commander: Don't tell others, Vector.

Vector: I don't have the hobby of leaking secrets, sir. Furthermore, I have no one to leak this to.

Vector looked in the direction of the door of the studio, as the true couple headed towards the next filming grounds.

Vector: They look happy. But what they don't know is that they are protected by lies.

Commander: Vector……

Vector: I'm but part of the lie. Then, I'll just play my role right.

I helped the staff to hold up the train and the veil of Vector's wedding dress, walking up the stairs of the studio with her.

The fabric decorated with tiny crystals are quite heavy. It might just as well be a heavy sense of happiness for the true bride.

Vector set foot on a short wooden box, as the staff helped shape the train of her dress.

Vector: Sir, you've been looking at me for a while.

Commander: Eh......Vector, I got something to say.

Vector: You don't have to request an issuance of command.

Commander: Not an order, Vector. Yeah, we did come here on an official mission......But I want all dolls, be it you or others, to have a nice day here.

So quit thinking too much about the mission. Just take it as an art photography session for yourself.

Might be better...this way.

Vector fell into silence. Perhaps it was an illusion, but for a second I felt the cold emotion of Vector lightening up for a bit.

Vector: Sir, even if you say can't turn a fake imitation into reality.

Vector looked at the candle stand beside her, as the flame cast a warm ray of light in her eyes.

Vector: But......Having a sense of happiness in the blink of an eye for once, isn't that bad. After all, at least this moment existed, right?



































































  • Neural cloud corridor

Open 24/7.
Available to commanders with level 60 or above (Not yet released)
Similar to Enhancement Exercise, the Neural cloud corridor involves sending an echelon in an abstract, cybernetic location similar to in Operation Deepdive, passing 1/2/3 unknown nodes (rewarding resources or 3/5/10 memory fragments) to combat a single opponent standing on the end of the path, which rewards 8/20/30 memory fragments if won. Memory fragments are needed for T-dolls with Neural cloud updates available, along with cores.

Permanent events

Permanent events are added after the v1.132 update. Missing login-award T-dolls can be found as drops here, and they also provide a chance to unlock missing story plots.
Special awards though different from the original events are awarded for completion of every event stage.
Some maps are downscaled compared to original versions, and enemy units are correspondingly weakened, making completion easier.
But opportunities for going kamikaze at Jupiter cannons still remain.

|bt3=黑兔玛奇朵 |bt4=黑兔玛奇朵-重创 |tab3=一周年 SR3MP.png |tab4=一周年 SR3MP D.png

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Gatherer in Winter
Pic CZ75 1604.png
Pic CZ75 1604 D.png



Pic Grizzly 105.png
Pic Grizzly 105 D.png
Grizzly 903.png
Grizzly 903 D.png
Pic Grizzly 2102.png
Pic Grizzly 2102 D.png
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|- | rowspan=4 | 秘书官
变身!泰迪熊! |
唔、唔……人生总是这么痛苦吗?还是只有小时候是这样? | |- |
对我们的童年来说,枪就是最好的玩具。 | |- |
这株植物没有根呢,真不知道像谁。 | |- |
(誓约)我听说人类很喜欢抱着泰迪熊睡觉呢,不如……长官今晚抱着我怎么样? | |- | 秘书官(装扮:周末警卫) |



Pic SuperSASS 1407.png
Pic SuperSASS 1407 D.png
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| 秘书官(装扮:狼行者) |
这是我今晚收到的第一个礼物哦,打开看看吧!......啊!!......果然是陷阱啊...... |




Pic SPP1 1703.png
Pic SPP1 1703 D.png
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M14 303.png
M14 303 D.png
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