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Welcome to Moegirlpedia!

What is Moegirlpedia?

Moegirlpedia is a wiki (encyclopedia) site for ACG, mainly contains female characters, moe anthropomorphism works, and (Chinese authors') original works.

How does it run?

Moegirlpedia runs in the following two parts:

  • Content part:Everyone may create and edit articles freely[1].
  • Funding part:Comes from both donations and advertisements.

What's it aimed for?

Moegirlpedia have three goals:

  1. Encourage original works. Preserve those of quality.
  2. Build up a complete, accurate ACG encyclopedia.
  3. Promote science, arts and love and peace with lovely moegirls designed.

What's the Saving Plan?

The Saving Plan means that Moegirlpedia is intended to establish the largest and widest saving site of moe, anthropomorphic and feminine characters, providing a home for ACG lovers, creators and moe girls, preventing the loss of creations due to age-old-caused 404 and harmonization for all kinds of reasons.

The first priority is to save all settings of en:moerued, en:feminined and en:anthropomorphism (by ethnic Chinese).

The ultimate goal is to preserve all information of moegirls.

About the Administrators

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Moegirlpedia is now maintenancing by user:baskice(晒太阳的冰).


Administrator list

Inspector list


Apply for Administrators

See:zhmoe:萌娘百科:管理员 in Chinese. Also, you can ask at here.

(English) Article Milestones

  1. 12:21, 20 December 2012‎‎ First article en:Mainpage is created by install program. 17:12, 14 January 2013‎ First article en:Green Dam Girl is created by Nostalgia.

(Chinese) Article Milestones

The following times are all UTC+8.

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  1. 2010年10月15日 (五) 17:21 第1个条目 zhmoe:首页 由程序自动创建, 2010年10月16日 (六) 12:16 第一个条目 功夫VS绿坝(已删除) 由 baskice 创建
  2. 2012年 4月 6日 (五) 19:56‎ 第1000个条目 zhmoe:死神镰刀 由 Xyninesky 创建,新增千条用时539天
  3. 2012年 8月 5日 (日) 13:58‎ 第2000个条目 zhmoe:婚后光子 由 Kaguya 创建,用时121天
  4. 2012年11月24日 (六) 03:12 第3000个条目 zhmoe:英雄战姬:源义经 由 ‎Nostalgia 创建,用时111天
  5. 2013年 1月27日 (日) 16:20‎ 第4000个条目 ‎zhmoe:魔物娘:卡律布狄斯 由 ‎天轮 创建,用时64天
  6. 2013年 4月 6日 (六) 01:32 ‎第5000个条目 zhmoe:爱少女波丽安娜物语 由 ‎熊猫紫 创建,用时68天
  7. 2013年 6月29日 (六) 22:01 第6000个条目 zhmoe:地藏菩萨 由 ‎Nostalgia 创建,用时84天
  8. 2013年10月 6日 (日) 11:09‎ 第7000个条目 zhmoe:栗山未来 由 萌星空 创建,用时99天
  9. 2014年 2月16日 (日) 21:54‎ 第8000个条目 zhmoe:猴爪 由 Nostalgia 创建,用时133天
  10. 2014年 6月 6日 (五) 01:40‎ 第9000个条目 zhmoe:东云希 由 Xuanfengsaoye 创建,用时114天
  11. 2014年10月17日 (五) 04:38 第10000个条目 zhmoe:舰队Collection:睦月 由 CFSO6459 创建,用时132天
  12. 2016年 5月 7日 (六) 21:03 第20000个条目 zhmoe:王国之心3 由 Xuanfengsaoye 创建,用时568天
  13. 2017年3月11日 (六) 19:50 第30000个条目 zhmoe:SELF_PRODUCER 由 可爱的琉璃月 创建,用时308天


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For details, seeMoegirlsaikou Foundation. If you would like to translate it from Chinese, add a topic here.

Website Status

A part of Google Analytics data:

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For more information, see Moegirlsaikou Foundation.


Short for Editiors

  1. For wiki is not popular in Mainland China and new users are young, many people are scared by the wiki learning.
  2. Besides English and Japanese users, Chinese users are more likely to accept contents passively, but not adding actively. (Too many zhmoe:伸手党!!!)
  3. Translators from Chinese Moegirlpedia are more less.

Technological Problems

  1. Many advanced features requies high-level programmers.
  2. Maintaining the website requires these programmers to update the program continuously, too.

Irregularly Use

As a website providing Simplified Chinese contents, it is unavaidable to be misappropriated with the license deliberately wiped out.

  1. Certain encyclopedias connivance or encourage users to copy the contents of Moegirlpedia and deliberately wipe out the license.
  2. Some Chinese websites patch Moegirlpedia contents to their suck sites.


Moegirlpedia uses Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 license which Wikipedia uses too. That means, you can copy contents between Moegirlpedia and Wikipedia, only to sign the original address.


  1. Moegirlpedia was released on the Jan, 8, 2013 together with the Japanese version. As a tradition, the first article is Green Dam Girl
  2. Moegirlpedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. That means everyone may claim herself or himself an 'editor' of Moegirlpedia.
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Please notice that these claims DO NOT represent Moegirlpedia's position. Moegirlpedia reserves any person or 实体对 伪造/滥用 Moegirlpedia's name/trademark/copyright 的诉讼追索权利。


  1. In compliance with the laws of the server location and the provisions of the Moegirlpedia under the premise.