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Latest revision as of 10:54, 30 June 2020

Griefers will be ********!!! ----Pumpkin。

Name Pumpkin
Other Name(s) Null
Pages Created 3
Pages Changed 26
Scores 13
Blood Group B+
Sign Goat
Birth Day 01.17
Age -
Height 173
Weight ~100KG
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Homeland China
Personal Status Being a lazy boy

(R.I.P EnMoe)

As you guys might have heard, Chinese Moegirlpedia users are debating over a new Term of Use. As a part of the debate, this English Moegirlpedia (along with the Japanese site) may de closed and its data deleted.

To be fair, English Moegirlpedia might not be touched at all -- it has little influence, and the new Term of Use might not have such a big impact on it. The sad reality is, this site might be spared simply by being forgotten. But for those of us that cares deeply about our creations, this risk can be too great.

I recommend everyone to backup their contributions locally in preparation for the worst. I will be pinging editors who made edits in the recent 90 days here:(Users) Hope to see you guys through this little storm! Cheers and thoughts for EnMoe.





ZH_N 此用户的母语汉语/This user's L1 is Chinese
EN_3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English
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