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All Discussion Templates

Almost all discussion templates allows you to change or omit the anteceding phrase. Use, for example, {{agree|Yes}} or {{disagree|1=Objection}} to obtain (+)Yes or (-)Objection.

Discussion templates do not have trailing spaces.

1=? Template Source Code Comment
Yes (+)Agree {{agree}}
Yes (-)Disagree {{disagree}}
Yes (?)Question {{question}}
Yes (:)Reply {{reply}}
Yes (▲)Ditto {{ditto}} Providing a ditto-count like {{ditto|c=3}}
yields (▲)(▲)(▲)Di-Di-Ditto and overrides 1=.
Yes (○)Keep {{keep}}
Yes (→)Move {{move}} You may use {{move|to=Userpage}}
which yields (→)Move to Userpage.
Yes (✕)Delete {{delete}}
Yes Done {{done}} If the anteceding phrase is not changed,
you may also use {{done|by=Example User}}
which yields Done by Example User.
Yes Rejected {{X|Rejected}}
Yes (+)AYE {{aye}}
Yes (-)NAY {{nay}}
Yes (=)Neutral {{neutral}}
Yes (∅)Abstain {{abstain}}