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*'''Kyouka'''({{lj|キョウカ}})/'''Kyouka Hikawa'''({{lj| 氷川 鏡華}})
*'''Kyouka'''({{lj|キョウカ}})/'''Kyouka Hikawa'''({{lj| 氷川 鏡華}})
**Voiced by [[Yui Ogura]]
**Voiced by [[Yui Ogura]]
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Now, the brand new adventure has just begun.いま、新たな冒険の幕が上がる
Princess Connect! Re:Dive
Princess connect main picture.png
Original Name プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive
Offical Translation Name 超異域公主連結 Re:Dive(TW)
公主连结 Re:Dive(CN)
프린세스 커넥트: 리다이브(KR)
Translation Name Princess Connect! Re:Dive
Type Role-playing
Platform Android
Developed by Cygames
Published by Cygames(JP)
Kakao Games(KR)
Produced by Yuito Kimura
Written by Akira
Engine Unity
Mode Single/Multi Player
Publication Date 15th Feb 2018(JP)
1st Aug 2018(TW)
28th Mar 2019(KR)
17th Apr 2020(CN)

Princess Connect! Re:Dive(Japanese Name:プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive) is a role-playing video game developed by Cygames. It was released in Japan on February 15 2018 for Android and iOS devices and on 22nd May 2018 for DMM.com.


This game is announced as the sequel to Princess Connect!, which had ceased operation in 29th Jul 2016.

The name Princess Connect! Re:Dive was announced in Cygames NEXT 2016.

The story of the game is written by the Japanese famous light novelist Akira(日日日), the theme song is composed by Kouhei Tanaka(田中公平),who had also composed theme songs for Sakura Daisen.


Food Hall

  • Pecorineペコリーヌ)/Eustiana von Astraea
  • Kokkoro(コッコロ)/Kokoro Natsume(棗 こころ)
  • Kyaru(キャル)/Kiruya Momochi(百地 希留耶)

Twinkle wish

  • Hiyori(ヒヨリ)/Hiyori Harusaki(春咲 ひより)
  • Yui(ユイ)/Yui Kusano(草野 優衣)
  • Rei(レイ)/Rei Shijou(士条 怜)


  • Labyristor(ラビリスタ)/Akira Mosakuji(模索路 晶)
  • Shizuru(シズル)/Shizuru Hoshino(星野 静流)
  • Rino(リノ)/Rino Inosaki(衣之咲 璃乃)


  • Nozomi(ノゾミ)/Nozomi Sakurai(桜井 望)
  • Chika(チカ)/Chika Misumi(三角 千歌)
  • Tsumugi(ツムギ)/Tsumugi Mayumiya(繭宮 つむぎ)

Little lyrical

  • Misogi(ミソギ)/Misogi Hodaka(穂高 みそぎ)
  • Mimi(ミミ)/Mimi Akane(茜 ミミ)
  • Kyouka(キョウカ)/Kyouka Hikawa(氷川 鏡華)