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About me
Name in Romaji Kumo Kasumi

Please use English to descript the cell mitosis from the view of The wave-particle duality /fun

I`m the patroller of the (ZH/EN/JA/H/Common/Library)


What is the is a website whose aim is to save all the things about the "moe",our slogan is "all things could be moe"

What is the "moe"?

well……it`s hard to explain in english ,you can see it as "ACGN"——Anime· Comic· Novel·Game.of course most of them is mainly about the Japanese and China's special cultural circle , but in the west i think it still have this "special cultural circle",that`s why we set the en——we have something in common

in fact most of our uesrs are Chinese or ethnic Chinese,who come from China,including taiwan and hongkong,others come from Japanese and USA,so grow the en is a hard work with few english users,we wish you can join us

if you want to know more about the or you have some advice about the,you can contact me here or here