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Advanced Media Creation Girls
THE [email protected]
[email protected] OF IDOL WORLD!!
Base Info
Original Name アイドルマスター
Translation Name THE [email protected]
Original Work Format MediaMix
Original Work Writer Bandai Namco Entertainment
Adapted Format Anime, Game, Manga, Novel etc.

THE [email protected] Series(Japanese:アイドルマスター) is Japanese multimedia project co-developed by the game series of Bandai Namco Entertainment.


THE [email protected] is the girl game series of Namco, the core of the game is simulation of nurture. The first generation of THE [email protected] was released on arcade and then transplanted to Xbox360. In 2006, Namco started the multimedia project 「Project [email protected]」, which derivatived many multimedia works including mobile games, rhythm games and live-action projects etc.

In 2007, the first video about THE [email protected] was uploaded to NicoNico Douga. By the end of 2007, there were over 1500 videos of THE [email protected] on NicoNico Douga. With the increasing popularity, THE [email protected] had become one of the Gosanke(御三家) of NicoNico Douga as well as Touhou Project and VOCALOID.

Nowadays THE [email protected] is still the representative of virtual idols and has deeply affected some other idol-themed works like Love Live!.

Works series

THE [email protected] series started from THE [email protected] Arcade, all characters are the idols of 765 Production. 876 Production, Jupiter and the idol candidates are in the same worldview. However, there are some different timeline in different works, like 346 Production in THE [email protected] Cinderlla Girls.

All Games

Title Releasing date Platform Remark
THE [email protected] Jul 26th 2005 Arcade
THE [email protected] Jan 25th 2007 Xbox360
THE [email protected] Live for You! Feb 28th 2008 Xbox360
THE [email protected] SP Feb 19th 2009 PSP
THE [email protected] Dearly Stars Sept 17th 2009 NDS
THE [email protected] mobile Dec 20th 2010 Traditional mobile phone Stopped serving
THE [email protected] 2 Feb 24 2011 Xbox360/PS3
THE [email protected] Cinderlla Girls Nov 28th 2011 Mobage
THE [email protected] mobile i Mar 30th 2012 iOS Stopped serving
THE [email protected] Shiny Festa Oct 25th 2012 PSP/iOS iOS version has stopped serving
THE [email protected] Million Live! Feb 27th 2013 GREE Stopped serving
THE [email protected] Channel Oct 2nd 2013 PS3 Free ontology with paid DLC
THE [email protected] One for All May 15th 2014 PS3
THE [email protected] SideM Jul 17th 2014 Mobage
THE [email protected] Cinderlla Girls Starlight Stage Sept 3rd 2015 Android/iOS
THE [email protected] MUST GO Red and Blue Version Dec 10th 2015 PSVita Often treated as Taiko no Tatsujin Series
THE [email protected] Platium Stars Jul 28th 2016 PS4
THE [email protected] Cinderlla Girls Viewing Revolution Oct 13rd 2016 PSVR
THE [email protected] Million Live! Theater Days Jun 29th 2017 Android/iOS
THE [email protected] SideM LIVE ON [email protected]! Aug 30th 2017 Android/iOS
THE [email protected] Stella Stage Dec 21st 2017 PS4
THE [email protected] Shiny Colors Apr 24th 2018 Enza/Android/iOS
THE [email protected] Starlit Season 2020 PS4/Steam

TV Anime

THE [email protected] XENOGLOSSIA
The robot-themed anime of THE [email protected] Everything was different from the THE [email protected] game, including theme, worldview and the voice actress of characters.
THE [email protected] 2011 Vserion
The first anime based on the original game series.
A web anime based on the comics with the same name, as well as the first anime based on comics of THE [email protected] series.
THE [email protected] MOVIE Beyond the Brilliant Future!
The movie version of THE [email protected] anime, with 7 Million Live characters in it.
THE [email protected] Cinderlla Girls Anime
Anime with 2 seasons based on THE [email protected] Cinderlla Girls.

CDs and Songs

Project [email protected] has released hundreds of CDs and over 1000 songs. Most of them are published by Columbia Japan.

The songs are most from the game and anime, with some original songs and cover songs covered from J-POP and other ACG works.


THE [email protected] Realtions
Based on the Xbox360 version of THE [email protected], the main character are Miki Hoshii and Chihaya Kisaragi. The manga told a story about the triangle love among Miki,Chihaya and the Producer.
THE [email protected] Break!
Based on THE [email protected] SP. It told a story about the grandson of the boss of 765 Production took over the office due to the illness of the boss and competited with 961 Production.
THE [email protected] The world is all one!!
Based on THE [email protected] 2. It told a story about a producer leads Haruka Amami, Yukiho Hagiwara and Hibiki Ganaha and bring the up to be the top idol.


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