Sotsugyou desu ne

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卒業ですね - AZALEA.png
Title 卒業ですね
Sotsugyou desu ne
As Known As It's graduation day, isn't it?
Lyricist 畑 亜貴
Composer 早川博隆
BPM 144
Folder Hexagonal Icon.svg Category:Music of LoveLive! Sunshine!!


To be added later.

Love Live! School idol festival

LoveLive! School Idol Festival
Numbering A81 Attribute CoolCool
Mainline unlock conditions 101 Aqours missions are required to be completed
Official Difficulties 1 3 7 9 9 -
Actual Difficulties 1 3 5.8 8.6 8.8 -
Number of Notes 67 114 210 303 -
Delivery situation Japanese service Chinese service Worldwide service
Delivered[Except Master] Unavailable Delivered[Except Master]

Easy difficulty

This song is the lowest note count of all Aqours Easy difficulty songs. It beat the previous lowest Easy difficulty note count Bokura no Hashittekita Michi wa... by 1 note.

Normal difficulty

The First 3-star Normal in SIF History.

Hard difficulty

This difficulty is not 6 stars? !!

The note density is very low, reaching only about 1.72 notes with a low note count of 210 notes. You must know many 6 stars song have a density over 1.72 and over 210 notes, you must know that the actual difficulty is a 6-star lower-score.

A 6-star normal and two 7-star Hards are crying in the toilet.

EX difficulty

A nursery rhyme, the total number of notes in the chorus before was even less than 100, just pay attention to the continuous triangular array of choruses, the shame of the blue song after Jump up HIGH!!.

Wait for master super god.