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Name 白河しらかわ ことり
(Shirakawa Kotori)
Birthday June 20
Horoscope ♊Gemini
Age 15
Height 157cm
Weight 41kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Pink
CV Horie Yui
Moe Points The idol of the school
related characters
Shirakawa Koyomi, Kudou Kanae
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Shirakawa Kotori (Japanese:白河ことり) is a character of "Da Capo" produced by CIRCUS.

CG of Kotori


Shirakawa kotori is the girl named "The idol of the school", who is good at singing.

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Kotori was sent to her stepfamily located on Hatsune Island in her childhood after her parents disappearences. Due to the fear of the new and strange environment, she chose to smile to all the things she had experienced, including her stepmother's demand of joining the choir in a church in order to build up the relationships with others (which is the beginning of her singing training).

Her family hardly knew the true thoughts of Kotori caused by her mysterious smiles, so was Kotori, that was the reason why she asked the grand cherry tree for the magic power to know directly others consciousness. This ability makes her on one hand be able to read others mind, but on the other hand bothered of negative thoughts of her by the others.

In the April this year in the scenario, After Yoshino Sakura had scorched the grand cherry tree, Kotori lost her ability. She began suspecting all that is around her, and again, like her childhood, the incondite smile appeared on her face.

Finally, her lover Jun'ichi told her his secret ability to see others dream also thanks to the tree, and suggested her to look the life and the relationships among people in an more sincere way.

D.C. amime and D.C.S.S./S.G manga

In the anime, Kotori can encore read Jun'ichi's thought after the tree faded, and continued to admire his sincerity

In the manga, Kotori falls in love with Jun'ichi but she's never said it for the reason that Jun'ichi loves his younger sister Asakura Nemu. After Nemu had left the island for studying, Kotori often provided her help with Jun'ichi's housework. Knowing this, Aisia decided to assist Kotori to speak out her amour by erasing everyone's memory of the fact that the brother and sister love each other.


Under the resentments of otakus, Asakura Nemu dead of illness. Kotori became Jun'ichi's girlfriend and they finally got married.

Game routes translation)

Shirakawa Kotori
Feb. 23
more sleeping of 5min

Feb. 24
Time wastes no one.
Sakura park

Feb. 25
Sakura park

Design in the anime

Feb. 26
School gate
Be arrogant
Business Street

Feb. 27
Special building
Sakura park

Go out now
Business Street

Mar. 1
School gate
Sakura street

CG of Kotori

Mar. 2
Special building
Business street

Mar. 3
Business street
Sakura park

Mar. 4
Go to school rapidly
Business street
Accompany Kotori

Mar. 5
Sakura park

Mar. 6
With Nemu
Special Building

CG of Kotori

Mar. 8
Go and buy the sojas

Mar. 11

Apr. 13
Invite her home

April. 20
Invite her home




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