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Name 瀬尾せお結月ゆづき
(Seo Yuzuki)
Other Names The Choir Club's Lorelei
Kuuki ga yomanai (KY) - Oblivious
Death God of the Basketball Court
The Little Mermaid of Roman Academy
Birthday July 7
Horoscope Cancer
Age 16-17yrs
Height 163cm
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
CV Miyuki Sawashiro
Moe Points wavy,ponytail,KY,younger sister
From Japan
Active in Japan
Group Affiliation Class A,Grade 2,Roman Acedemy
related characters
Wakamatsu Hirotaka,Sakura Chiyo,Kashima Yū
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Seo Yuzuki(Japanese:瀬尾せお結月ゆづき) is a character in the manga Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun(or Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun).

Basic Informations

Seo Yuzuki (瀬尾結月,Yuzuki Seo), is Sakura Chiyo's friend who is popular among their classmates and she is often asked for help on various extracurricular activities. However, her brash personality often makes people feel offended.

She has an older brother named Seo Ryosuke, a university student who works at as a waiter and cashier in a cafe.

Her Chinese name is 濑尾结月(Làiwěi Jiéyuè).


Yuzuki is an attractive teenage girl with naturally wavy, shoulder-length greenish-blonde hair that is swept to the side in a ponytail and secured by a brown scrunchie in a loose ponytail (When untied, it reaches around her breast level), brown eyes that has a slight reddish tint, which appears amber, an average height and an ample bust.

Her clothes is the standard uniform - a white blouse tucked into a navy blue skirt. Her neck bow is red, as assigned to second year students, and she wears a blazer on top. She wears her uniform in a much more sloppy fashion compared to Sakura Chiyo. Yuzuki's bow is the correct color for her year, but her skirt is shorter and she wears no socks.

However, when it comes to choir competitions, she wears her hair down and part of her hair is plaited. She is described as high-class and proper. She also wears socks in this case.


Yuzuki is someone who easily offends people unconsciously. Because of that,Nozaki Umetarō calls her "oblivious". Yuzuki demonstrates this obliviousness fully as shown in Episode 10, while watching the movie, where she paid attention only to the alien on screen and failed to notice anything else, even the plot. She also likes to pester Wakamatsu Hirotaka but that is probably born out of poorly displayed affection.

Yuzuki is shown to have no sportsmanship whatsoever in a comical way. When playing basketball, she would flout all the rules and annoy the other players by hogging the ball and laughing maniacally. However, it is also through this that the basketball team realizes the importance of teamwork and hence appreciate their team more. Thus, Yuzuki's participation in their games not only allows the basketball team to practice for when they meet an annoying opponent but also brings out the best in the team.

It is shown in the manga, that she does get flustered and embarrassed when she is complimented or confessed to.


  • The name Yuzuki means "grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit" (柚) (yuzu) and "hope" (希) (ki). So her Chinese name can be "濑尾柚希(Làiwěi Yòuxī)".
  • Yuzuki's birthday is on Tanabata day.
  • Yuzuki tends to wear punkish clothing.
  • Yuzuki goes to different sports' club for half the week but attends club every day before contests. Additionally, the Choir Club pretends they haven't heard rumors about Lorelei for fun.
  • Yuzuki hobbies include moving her body, playing with friends and fighting games at arcades, tactic games, and action games (home only). She spends her holidays by going outside.
  • Yuzuki is good at singing and sports but doesn't do well in group activities and can't read the atmosphere but she claims to be good at doing so.
  • Yuzuki's best subjects are Mathematics, World and Japanese History while her worst subject is Japanese. Her elective subject is Music.
  • Yuzuki's favorite foods are sushi, yakitori and roasted chicken. Her least favorite food is dried, shredded fish, sakura denbu and garnishes (such as edible chrysanthemum).
  • Yuzuki has a father, mother and an older brother named Seo Ryosuke.
  • Yuzuki lives relatively near to the school and usually goes to school by bicycle. Incidentally, she also lives near the train station and would occasionally go to school by train whenever she feels like it.
  • Yuzuki's type of guy is the type she has fun with.
  • Nozaki Umetarō uses her as a reference for a KY male character (Ose) in his manga.
  • Yuzuki is ranked 5th in the character popularity poll, according to official fan book.
  • According to Yuzuki's character profile in Chapter 40.5, her breast size is considered as large.