Sakura Bye Bye

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サクラバイバイ - CYaRon!.png
Title サクラバイバイ
Sakura Bye Bye
As Known As Bye Bye Cherry Blossoms
Lyricist 畑 亜貴
Composer 高田 暁
Arranger 高田 暁
Singer CYaRon!
BPM 200
Folder Hexagonal Icon.svg Category:Music of LoveLive! Sunshine!!


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Love Live! School idol festival

LoveLive! School Idol Festival
Numbering A80 Attribute PurePure
Mainline unlock conditions 100 Aqours missions are required to be completed
Official Difficulties 2 6 8 10 10 -
Actual Difficulties 2 6 8.6 10.7 10.4 -
Number of Notes 106 205 378 550 -
Delivery situation Japanese service Chinese service Worldwide service
Delivered[Except Master] Unavailable Delivered[Except Master]

Hard difficulty

EX difficulty

Song material 550, 2nd most after Beginner's Sailing, water masses generally become green track the amount of the second song, a note sent. So how difficult is it?

First of all, this song has a lot of triangular stairs and three-level stairs, and there are many stairs that pass the 5th position. Since the BPM is not low, pay attention to changing hands.

Then there are two large steps from the 284th to 297th notes, the same configuration also appeared about 500-520 notes before the end of the chorus.

In general, the main difficulty of the whole song is the stairs, the others are not outstanding, and the difficulty of the median ten stars.

Random spectrum

The stairs were gone and much simpler.

Master difficulty

Will the big staircase become a double bet?