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Stars of Music and Arts.
Rigël Theatre
Real name
Kouichi Inoue
Other names
Inoue Delta (井上⊿)
Active time
Grand Thaw: 2002 year ~ 2013 year
Rigël Theatre: 2013 year ~ now

Rigël Theatre is a music producer, and is famous for extremely gorgeous, Japanish fantastic, Celtic ethnic music style.


Grand Thaw period

Grand Thaw is a BMS production group, by careless (BMS making), Inoue Delta (music composing), and Little Egret (illustration). It has now been disbanded.

Rigël Theatre period

But there are too many remaster works.

Grand Thaw period works


Album website: http://deltacity.sakura.ne.jp:80/arstid/arstid.html

Fyra Varlden

Album website: http://deltacity.sakura.ne.jp:80/fyravarlden/fyravarlden.html


Album website: http://deltacity.sakura.ne.jp/solros/solros.html

Single (not included in albums)


Rigël Theatre period works

(The official website has related novels of the albums, the same below)

SOLROS -Eternal Memory-

Album website: http://www.rigeltheatre.com/solros/solros_em.html

Introduction: (todo, welcome to Japanese speaker to translate, the same below)

Release date: April 27, 2014

Track List:

  1. Eternal Memory
  2. Ribet
  3. Testament
  4. Wellensvania
  5. SOLROS -Eternal Memory- (# Vocal Track)
  6. Äventyr
  7. Oblivion
  8. ATRIA -With Earth's Shadow-
  9. Alt Mirror Bell
  10. NEBO (# Vocal Track)
  11. Sunset Flowers
  12. Erlija "B" Minor Swing
  13. Sista Fiolen
  14. SOLROS -Reunion-
  15. NEBO -Sudbina- (Note: November 2016, version 2 added, off vocal version)

New / Track.
Remake / Track.
Remaster / Track.3.7.9
Recap-Ver.1 / Track.1-4-8-10-11-13
Recap-Ver.2 / Track.5-6-9-12-14

LUNA -Maple Town Memories-

Album website: http://www.rigeltheatre.com/luna/luna_index.html

Introduction: (todo)

Release date: October 26, 2014

Track List:

  1. LUNA
  2. Maple Town Memories
  3. Autumn Breeze -Forget Regret-
  4. Early Winter
  5. Le Givre -Freezing Floweret-
  6. LUNA -The Farewell-

New / Track.1.4.6
Remake / Track.2.3.5

Sun's of Liberty

Album website: http://www.rigeltheatre.com/sunsofliberty/solbty_index.html

Introduction: (todo)

Release date: August 16, 2015

Track List:

  1. Suns of Liberty -Wind Heart.II-
  2. ERIS -Legend of Gaidelia-
  3. Wind Heart
  4. Like a Wind
  5. Heart of Steel
  6. Sound of the Earth
  7. Wesk Peak

New / Track.1
Remake / Track.2-7

Single (not included in albums)


Participating in other groups

  • LILI - VOEZDeemo[1]
  • Lüveria - 【C93】《悠久の時を刻む街》[2]


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