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Moe Points No feelings
From No.68 Island
Active in The whole island cluster
Group Affiliation Winged Guards
Status Half leprechaun, half beast
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Chtholly Nota Seniorious
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Nephren Ruq Insania is a character in the light novel series What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? and its derived series.



Compatible for sword Insania

Basic Information

Sex: Female

Age: 13

Race: Leprechaun

Hair Color: Light Gray

Eye Color: Coal

Affiliation: Matured Leprechaun (Class B)


——Even if I can take the broken Willem all by myself, I would not feel happy... I... I do not want to make Willem unhappy.——

Also a matured leprechaun in the warehouse, Nephren is only an average fairy and is not as gifted as Chtholly. She left in the warehouse and did not take part in the first combat with beasts mentioned in the novel. Instead, she helped Willem in finding and searching for files in the reading room. She slept on Willem to keep him warm. She was used to staying near Willem, but she had never mentioned that she has feelings towards Willem as Chtholly did, and as Ithea put it, she acts like a pet of Willem. She toured the 11th island after taking part in the war on 15th island and returned to the warehouse with the other two.

Upon knowing Nopht and Rhantolk was left on Ground Level, she engaged in the rescue together with Willem and Chtholly. She was sensitive to the strange atmosphere when Willem performs his massage. They encountered a great number of beasts, and Nephren nearly opened the gate to the home of fairie. In the end, she fell out of the ship willingly to save others on the ship.

She was later classified as Dead together with Chtholly.

Unanimated part:

Being trapped in the dream of Gomag materialized by Almaria, Nephren became interested in Willem's past encounter with Succubus, or the sex demon, after which Willem was unable to look Lilya and Emisa in the eyes. Although in the dreams, she was still learning the language of emnetwihts hard, and found it enjoyable to read books. She went to the underground of Gomag and witnessed Willem's kill of Chantre, the first beast that laments at the moon. Due to being asked to look after Willem by Almaria, she went after Willem and became a carrier of the souls of the beast.

Red Lake also left Elq under the blast of the death of Chantre, since he will die without a carrier, he resided on Nephren. Nephren was brought back by Grick with his peers, who was on a search on Ground Level; She checked the status of Willem, and resided in No.2 Floating island without coming back to the Warehouse.

In the extra volume of the novel, she thought herself as very similar to Willem, including the great feeling of emptiness, and the uneasy feeling of not knowing when she will lose something that once was beside her, these are the most primeval impose of leprechauns, which was inherited from their past life before they gain the sense of self. In the anime, she mentioned that she wished to support of Willem. But she herself is aware that the one who gains peacefulness by being by Willem is also herself.


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