Mikoto Misaka

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Origin Name 御坂みさか美琴みこと(Mikoto Misaka)
Other Names Sister Railgun, Bili Bili(ビリビリ)bi ri bi ri(By Toma
Onē-sama(By Kuroko and Sisters),
The Ace of Tokiwadai, Railgun
Date of Birth May 2nd
Age 14
Height 161cm
Weight 45kg
Eye Color Tea
Hair Color Tea
CV Rina Satō, English CV: Brittney Marie Karbowski
Moe Points Tsudere
relative characters
Father:Tabikake Misaka

Mother:Misuzu Misaka; Sisters:Misaka Sisters; Friends:Kuroko ShiraiKazari UiharuRuiko Saten; Love Interest:Toma Kamijo

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Mikoto Misaka(Japanese:御坂みさか美琴みこと) is a character in the light novel series A Certain Magical Index and the manga A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Info from the library of Academy City

Info from the library of Academy City
Category of Info Esper
Ability Electro Master
Level LV5
Skills Lightning Strike
Skills Railgun
Category of Info Student
School Tokiwadai Middle School in District 7
Grade 2
Live in No 208, Student Dorm,Tokiwadai Middle School, District 7
Category of Info Projects
Radio Noise Origin
Level 6 Shift Origin
Second Level 6 Shift Origin

Basic Information

Mikoto Misaka is one of the main heroines in A Certain Magical Index, and the main protagonist of A Certain Scientific Railgun. She is also called Railgun(超電磁砲レールガン).

She is the third ranked Level 5 esper in Academy City, also the strongest Electromaster, she has been called "the Super Railgun of Tokiwadai","Tokiwadai's Ace","the Strongest Electromaster" and "Electric Princess". Toma Kamijo coined the nickname Biri-Biri (ビリビリ)(a.k.a, "Sparky" or "Bug Zapper"), whenever they meet, Toma calls her Biri-Biri, even after his amnesia. She is also called One-sama(お姉様) by Kuroko Shirai and the Misaka Sisters.

She is aggressive and has strong sense of justice, with a character which is like a boy. She has less patience and extremely tsundere though, especially when seeing qute things.


Mikoto is the daughter of Tabigake Misaka and Misuzu Misaka. At a young age, she was discovered to be a Level 1 Electromaster (電撃使いエレクトロマスター). She entered Academy City when she was young in order to train her powers. She worked very hard until her powers were ranked Level 5. But this was predicted when she was young. This made her a perfect candidate for the Radio Noise Project. Mikoto willingly gave a DNA sample to the researchers of the project after being told that it would help people who suffer from muscular dystrophy.


  • Railgun(超電磁砲レールガン)
  • Lightning Attack Spear(雷撃の槍)
  • Lightning Strike(落雷)
  • Iron Sand Sword(砂鉄の剣)