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Ma Lang's wife

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Ma Lang's wife wearing Thai dress

Ma Lang's wife (Chinese: 馬郎婦) is a Character of Buddhist legend (i.e. Yulan Guanyin (Chinese: 魚籃觀音)).

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Yulan Guanyin belong to one of The Thirty-Three Guanyin, ranked tenth, the corresponding "Lotus Sutra" in "應以小王身得度者,即現小王身而為說法". is holding a bamboo basket, the basket with a fish, wearing a plain clothes appearance (mostly in costume) young woman image.

In addition, the same as one of The Thirty-Three Guanyin, ranked twenty-eighth of Ma Lang's wife Guanyin, also comes from the same story, in fact, are all the same. do not care of details

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