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Moe(Japanese:, or just one Chinese Character méng in Chinese) is a frequently used jargon in ACG subculture, and it is also one of the most representative expressions of the age of moe.

Moe 101

What is Moe

The term Moe in ACG subculture, in specific, is "a burning resonatory conviction toward some certain characteristics of some certain characters." So, moe is an extremely personal emotion that there are a thousand Moe gals in a thousand otakus'eyes.

"Moe" is not limited to "Cute" and is comparably more general in meaning. Also, they are spoken by different people. Moe is generally for ACG fans and the residents of Nijigen while people living in the real world typically uses "Cute".

Character design, the Moe way

There are special designing tricks to help making anime characters even moer. These characteristics are seen in many moe characters, but they do not define moe characters: [1]

  • Large eyes (1/5 size of face)[2]
  • Small nose[2]
  • Flat face[2]
  • Tall iris[2]
  • Body 5.7 heads tall[2]
  • Thin limbs[2]
  • Large head (bobbleheadlike)[2]
  • Colorful hair[2]
  • Bangs over eyes[2]
  • Neotenized face[2]
  • Large pupils[2]
  • Anime antenna hair called Ahoge(アホ毛)[2][3]


Moe Tags

Main:Moe Tags


Negative comments

Another Moe

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