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Writing Instructions

  • In the general track and special song column, the difficulty level is displayed as: EASY / NORMAL / HARD / EXPERT / MASTER, where the EXPERT list contains two difficulties: the difficulty of EXPERT and the difficulty of EX-RANDOM.
  • In the column of special difficulty songs, the difficulty level is displayed as: EXPERT + / CHALLENGE. Because the difficulty is relatively special, these two difficulties are listed separately, and the current distribution status is attached.
  • EX-RAN, the EXPERT random spectrum, is a special type of EXPERT difficulty. The number of notes is equal to the EX difficulty but its position is not fixed, so it is very stimulating and challenging.
  • EX-RAN songs are presented at Technical difficulty in SCORE MATCH, and random spectrums appear randomly in the third, fourth, and fifth rounds of the Challenge Festival. EX-RAN difficulty songs are also part of EXPERT difficulty.
  • EXPERT+ difficulty, that is, the EXPERT spectrum with a sliding key, is also a special EXPERT difficulty spectrum. The note number is different from the usual EXPERT difficulty. You can use it as an exercise for the sliding key spectrum. EXPERT+ Difficulty currently in the distribution, please check in special difficulty songs.
  • MASTER difficulty is currently the highest difficulty after installation (Note: some tracks have higher level CHALLENGE difficulty, which belongs to the SIFAC linkage spectrum, please find the specific matching songs in special difficulty songs).
  • The following table lists the difficulty stars and Combo of all the songs currently in difficulty.
  • The table below shows the distribution of all ordinary songs, special songs and songs of special difficulty, and is updated in real time.

Songs with swing notes will be marked with "" after the Combo. However, the EXPERT+ difficulty itself is all with a slide key, so the Combo of EXPERT+ difficulty songs will not be marked with "".

  • At present, the distribution of special songs only writes the data of the difficulty of the distribution, and other difficulties are replaced by "-".
  • If there are no special instructions for the MASTER track assigned for the current special song, please refer to the column of the master track that is being assigned for a limited time in the special track.
  • The explanation of the difficulty page of the EXPERT, MASTER, EXPERT +, and CHALLENGE songs on the song page is for your reference only.

Song Consumption and Achievement

LP consumption and experience value acquisition table
Project Easy Normal Hard Expert Master Master(SIFAC Challenge)
LP used 5 10 15 25 25 5
EXP gained 12 26 46 83 83 83

Note:Expert difficulty also includes both the Expert random song and the Expert + difficulty song. When the song score is less than C, the above EXP gains are halved.

μ's layout track

Main song

Serial number Cover Song name Attribute time Difficulty and Combo number Need to complete
Song unlock condition
Note Audition
Difficulty Combo Difficulty Combo Difficulty Combo Difficulty Combo Diffitulty Combo
1 LL1stsingle.png 僕らのLIVE 君とのLIFE SifSmile.png 2:02 DIFFICULTY 1.png 95 DIFFICULTY 4.png 120 DIFFICULTY 6.png 181 DIFFICULTY 9.png DIFFICULTY 9.png 348 DIFFICULTY 11.png 697 Initially unlocked First single
2 LL1stSingleB.jpg 友情ノーチェンジ SifPure.png 2:01 DIFFICULTY 1.png 91 DIFFICULTY 4.png 125 DIFFICULTY 6.png 204 DIFFICULTY 9.png DIFFICULTY 9.png 359 DIFFICULTY 11.png 640 Clear Chapter 1-3 of the main story First single C/W song
3 LL2ndsingle.png Snow halation SifCool.png 1:59 DIFFICULTY 1.png 81 DIFFICULTY 4.png 139 DIFFICULTY 6.png 206 DIFFICULTY 9.png DIFFICULTY 9.png 355 DIFFICULTY 11.png 551 Clear Chapter 2-2 of the main story (Rank 5) Second single
4 LL2ndsingleB.jpg baby maybe 恋のボタン SifPure.png 2:02 DIFFICULTY 2.png 97 DIFFICULTY 4.png 148 DIFFICULTY 6.png 220 DIFFICULTY 9.png DIFFICULTY 9.png 362 DIFFICULTY 11.png 681 Clear Chapter 2-3 of the main story Second single C/W song
5 LL3rdsingle.png 夏色えがおで1,2,Jump! SifSmile.png 2:02 DIFFICULTY 1.png 85 DIFFICULTY 4.png 146 DIFFICULTY 6.png 225 DIFFICULTY 9.png DIFFICULTY 9.png 370 DIFFICULTY 12.png 786 Clear Chapter 3-2 of the main story (Rank 14) Third single
6 Jacket mermaid festa vol1.jpg Mermaid festa vol.1 SifCool.png 1:57 DIFFICULTY 2.png 99 DIFFICULTY 5.png 158 DIFFICULTY 7.png 237 DIFFICULTY 10.png DIFFICULTY 10.png 431 DIFFICULTY 12.png 722 Clear Chapter 1-3 of the main story Third single C/W song