Kuroko Shirai

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Kuroko Shirai(Japanese:白井しらい黒子くろこ) is a character of the light novel series A Certain Magical Inex and A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Info from the library of Academy City

Info from the library of Academy City
Category of Info Esper
Ability Teleport
Level LV4
Skills Nails
Skills Teleport
Category of Info Student
School Tokiwadai Middle School in District 7
Grade 1
Live in No 208, Student Dorm,Tokiwadai Middle School, District 7

Basic Imformation

She is a one-grader in the Tokiwadai Middle School in the Academy City. Lives in the same dorm with Mikoto Misaka. With tan hair with pigtails. Usually ends her speech by“~ですの". She is usually a ladyhentai. Calling herself a valet of Mikoto Misaka, she admires Mikoto Misaka so much that she is seeking for phisical intimate with her.

She is a judgment, who belongs to the 177 branch, protecting the Academy City.