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Name 栗山くりやま 未来みらい
(Kuriyama Mirai)
Birthday March 31
Horoscope ♈Aries
Blood Type O
Height 152cm
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Tea
CV 种田梨沙
Moe Points 天然呆贫乳眼镜京都脸、黑褲襪无节操(这可不是二设)、口嫌体正直短发女剑士贫穷另类名字学妹呆毛
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Prey:Soul Youmon

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Kuriama Mirai is a character in the light novel Beyond the Boundary and its derived series.


Her dream is killing all Youmons. Wait, not that oneThis page does not exist in English Moegirlpedia yet. You may want to refer to this page on Chinese Moegirlpedia: zh:魂魄妖梦. (zh:魂魄妖梦)!

Junior student at high school, Mirai is a IKaiShi with the power of Manipulating Blood

However, such power is regarded as weirdos in the Ikaishi society, the cursed blood will encroach everything it touches, and is avoided by others.

She has once been unable to kill Youmons because she killed her friend who was controlled by Youmon to protect herself, thus she lost her income and lead a poor life.

Due to her special power, she often loses too much blood and needs to eat a lot to make up for her lost blood, thus causing more poverty.

Apart from that, she also likes gardening and was said to have devoted tens of thousands of Yens on a single pot. As a result, she is even unable to pay for house rents and food, and cannot even afford a square meal.

Her main source of income now is hunting Youmons and working part time as a model, her photos are mostly purchased by A.K.

Her favourite word of speech is “不愉快です”(ふゆかいです!)

When telling a lie, she would rub her glasses and glance sideways while trying to explain in stutters.


TV Anime version

She stopped Akihito as a Youmon with her own blood in episode 4. And displayed her bad singing ability in episode 6. Despite her practice in order to perform well and catch the fruit shaped Youmon, they still did not succeed in killing it. We are all acting to attract it, so who should kill it?

Gained a friend named 伊波樱 in episode 7.

In episode 9, Akihito escaped as a Youmon. Mirai broke into Akihito's room and was shocked to discover that Akihito possesses a great number of glasses and her own photos. She was also surprised to discover that Akihito knows her birthday.

Episode 10 informed that she came to the city ten months prior to the beginning and began her failed attempts to stab Akihito.

She disappeared in episode 12 within 'Kyokai no Kanata' (lit, the other side of the boundary). But she encountered Akihito again on the balcony, the same place where they first met.

Film Version

A year after the ending of the TV version, Mirai met Akihito again, however her memories are lost.

She joined the Literature Club under the invitation of Mitsuki, and became the vice president.

She told Akihito that she is already aware of her ability and asked Akihito to tell her more, but was again attacked by the man in black, who turned out to be Izumi.

Mirai was making instant noodles while crying in her room when Akihito came to talk. She asked Akihito to wait outside, but then Mirai received a call from Akihito and finally realized that the 'Akihito' outside is a fake.

She was attacked by some mysterious black liquid controlled by the fake Akihito. Her hair also turned black.

She fought with Akihito all the way into the sewage pipes, and was awakened by her own ring.

When she was a little girl, she was told by her mother the fate that her family bore. She also witnessed in great despair her mother being killed by angry people.

She met Akihito in her dreams on a beach, and fell into the sea after sobbing. However, she was rescued by Akihito.

The following story indicates that Mirai's mother and Akihito's mother have some kinds of relationship.

She with Akihito returned to the original world after saying a vow together.

Character Song

  • Displeasing Diary
    • Sang by:Kuriyama Mirai(CV.种田梨沙)
    • Lyrics by:松井洋平 Song by:渡辺未来
  • Ordinary Girl's Talk!
    • Sang by:栗山未来(CV.种田梨沙)×名瀬美月(CV.茅原实里)
    • Lyrics by:松井洋平 Song by:冈本健介


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