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Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition
Original Name 日本にほんアニメ(ーター)見本市みほんいち
(Nihon Animētā Mihon'ichi)
Translation Name Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition
Region Japan
Original run November 7, 2014 – October 9, 2015
Episodes 35
Studio Studio Khara
Directed by Hideaki Anno
Music by Go Syukuri
Rie Shimasue
Voiced by Kōichi Yamadera
Megumi Hayashibara
Linked works The Dragon Dentist

Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition or Japan Animator Expo (Japanese: 日本にほんアニメ(ーター)見本市みほんいち, Hepburn: Nihon Animētā Mihon'ichi) is a serie of short films presented by Studio Khara and Dwango. The project includes original projects, spin-off projects, promotional films, Music PV, and VJ Films etc.

The digital distribution anime series bring opportunities for project development, R&D, human resources development, and free production under limited period and budget, to explore the possibilities of future film production.[1]



Title List

# Open Original Title Translation Title Director
01 2014-11-07 龍の歯医者 The Dragon Dentist Ōtarō Maijō
02 2014-11-14 HILL CLIMB GIRL HILL CLIMB GIRL Azuma Tani
03 2014-11-21 ME!ME!ME! ME!ME!ME! Hibiki Yoshizaki
04 2014-11-28 Carnage Carnage Akira Honma
05 2014-12-05 安彦良和・板野一郎 原撮集 Yoshikazu Yasuhiko & Ichiro Itano:
Collection of KeyAnimation Films
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko & Ichiro Itano
06 2014-12-12 西荻洼駅徒歩20分2LDK
20min Walk From Nishi-Ogikubo Station,
2 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room,
Kitchen, 2mos Deposit, No Pets Allowed
Mahiro Maeda & Takeshi Honda
07 2014-12-19 until You come to me. until You come to me. Tadashi Hiramatsu
08 2015-01-09 そこからの明。 Tomorrow from there Akemi Hayashi
09 2015-01-16 電光超人グリッドマン Denkou Choujin Gridman
boys invent great hero
Akira Amemiya
10 2015-01-23 ヤマデロイド YAMADELOID Takashi Horiuchi & Masahiro Emoto
11 2015-01-30 POWER PLANT No.33 POWER PLANT No.33 Yasuhiro Yoshiura
(Studio Rikka, Trigger)
12 2015-02-06 evangelion:Another Impact evangelion:Another Impact Shinji Aramaki
(Sola Digital Arts, Steven Steven)
13 2015-03-13 Kanón Kanón Mahiro Maeda
14 2015-03-20 SEX and VIOLENCE
Hiroyuki Imaishi
15 2015-03-27 おばけちゃん Obake-chan Shigeto Koyama
16 2015-04-03 -キオ Tsukikage no Tokio
~Tokio of the Moon's Shadow~
Mizuno Takanobu
17 2015-04-10 三本の証言者 THREE FALLEN WITNESSES Satoru Utsunomiya
18 2015-04-17 オチビサン The Diary of Ochibi Masashi Kawamura
19 2015-04-24 I can Friday by day! I can Friday by day! Kazuya Tsurumaki
20A 2015-05-01 ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC
feat.daoko / TeddyLoid
feat.daoko / TeddyLoid
Hibiki Yoshizaki
20B (Making of)
evangelion:Another Impact
(Making of)
evangelion:Another Impact
Masaru Matsumoto
21 2015-05-08 偶像戦域 ICONIC FIELD Ikuto Yamashita
22 2015-05-15 イブセキヨルニR-18 IBUSEKI YORUNI Tadashi Hiramatsu
23 2015-05-22 鼻下長紳士回顧録 Memoirs of
amorous gentlemen
Moyoco Anno & AЯTRA entertainment
24 2015-05-29 神速のRouge Rapid Rouge Daisuke Onitsuka
25 2015-07-31 ハンマーヘッド HAMMERHEAD Ōtarō Maijō & Mahiro Maeda
26 2015-08-07 コント ころしや 1989 COMEDY SKIT 1989 Kazuto Nakazawa
27 2015-08-14 ブブブブリーナ BUBU & BUBULINA Takashi Nakamura
28 2015-08-21 ENDLESS NIGHT ENDLESS NIGHT Sayo Yamamoto
29 2015-08-28 ヒストリー機関 BUREAU OF PROTO SOCIETY Yasuhiro Yoshiura
30 2015-09-04 ウルトラマン The Ultraman Akitoshi Yokoyama
31 2015-09-11 GIRL GIRL Hibiki Yoshizaki
32 2015-09-18 新世紀いんぱくつ。 Neon Genesis IMPACTS Yūhei Sakuragi
33 2015-09-25 世界の国からこんにちは Ragnarok Kazuyoshi Katayama
34 2015-10-02 旅のロボから Robot on the Road Hiroyuki Okiura
35 2015-10-09 カセットガール Cassette Girl Hiroyasu Kobayashi
EXTRA 2017-02-28 機動警察パトレイバーREBOOT MOBILE POLICE PATLABOR REBOOT Yasuhiro Yoshiura


We planned this short film project for believing in the pursuit and exploitation of fun of images that Japanese animation has, deepening and diversity of flexible expression, understanding and exploitation of individual talents, and the dreams and possibilities to the future, which are inherent in Japanese anima(tor)s. I appreciate your kind support and approval with this small resistance as many as possible.[1]
——Hideaki Anno, Studio Khara[3][4]
Honestly I am completely out of anime, but I do believe that all the innovations come from reckless challenges. The challenges come not only from young abilities but also from mature skills of experts. But we cannot start anything without setting opportunity to offer challenges. I hope this small project would be a part of contribution to the future development of Japanese anime.[1]
——Nobuo Kawakami, Dwango


Project Development
Nihon Animator Mihonichi, LLP
Executive Producer
Nobuo Kawakami
Planning (Executive Producer)
(TOR)-kun Character Design
Hideaki Anno
Hayao Miyazaki
Title Color
Toshio Suzuki
Koichi Yamadera
Megumi Hayashibara
Planning Support
Kazuya Tsurumaki, Mahiro Maeda
Sound Effect Director
Haru Yamada (sound team - Don Juan)
Sound Effect
Toru Noguchi (anime sound)
Music Production
Rie Shimasue (KING RECORDS)
Hidemi Li, Emi Tsujita
Line Producer
Takatoshi Okajima
Tomiyuki Ogata
Website / Application Production
Digitiminimi Inc.
Dwango Co., Ltd.
Promotion Support
Rie Shimasue (KING RECORDS)
Studio Khara
Dwango Co., Ltd. and Khara Inc.[1]


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