Guilty Eyes Fever

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Title Guilty Eyes Fever
As Known As GEF
Lyricist 畑 亜貴
Composer 本多友紀
Arranger 酒井拓也
Singer Guilty Kiss
BPM 136
Folder Hexagonal Icon.svg Category:Music of LoveLive! Sunshine!!


To be added later.

Love Live! School idol festival

LoveLive! School Idol Festival
Numbering A64 Attribute SmileSmile
Mainline unlock conditions Through Aqours 34-1,84 Aqours missions are required to be completed
Official Difficulties 1 5 7 9 9 11
Actual Difficulties 2 5.7 8 9.4 9.4 11.8
Number of Notes 90 184 278 426 573
Delivery situation Japanese service Chinese service Worldwide service
Delivered Delivered[Except Master] Delivered

Hard difficulty

EX difficulty

Such a cool song turned out to be a Smile song? !! Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss! is also a Smile song. It seems that as long as the song's name is guilty, it will be a Smile Attribute. Guilty!? Farewell party is also a Smile Attribute.

However, the rhythm of this music is quite confusing, so be careful.

Master difficulty

573 notes, it seems like a seemingly simple master, right?

The front of the book is based on many triple-strokes, and it is the second consecutive point of the player + a single point on the other side, and some second consecutive points even cross the position, but bpm is not high, it is not difficult to cope 11 stars Configuration.

But when it comes to the part before the chorus, especially in the place of 330combo, the handling is very tricky, followed by 3-2-8-7-4-6-5. Don't be panic by being deceived, there is basically no difficulty later.

Don't be fooled by its low note count, this is an 11-star upper score.