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The Snow Fox dances!

  • The event lasts from Oct. 6th 00:00 to Oct. 26th 23:59 (UTC-8).
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    • Phase 2 begins at Oct. 13th 00:00
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Welcome to the Reading Club!

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I as a secret weapon, didn't fail you yes?
Pic OTs12.png
Basic info
Original name OTs-12
Moe point
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
CV 内山夕实
Type AR
Rarity ★★★
Place of origin Russia
Manufactured by Central Design and Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms (ЦКИБ СООTsKIB SOO
Developed 1990
In service 1993

OTs-12 is a character from the Tactical SRPG ES game Girls' Frontline and its derivatives developed by MicaTeam and published by Digital Sky.

Historical basis

OTs-12OC-12 (from Russian: ОЦ-12) is a Russian-made assault rifle currently in service.


  • Weight: 2.5 kg empty
  • Length: 490mm / 730mm (Stock folded/unfolded)
  • Barrel length: 200mm (Disputed)
  • Cartridge: 9x39mm
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Action:Long-stroke gas-operated rotating bolt
  • Rate of fire: 800 RPM
  • Muzzle velocity: 270 m/s
  • Effective range: 200m
  • Maximum range: 400m
  • Feed system: 20-round detachable magazine
  • Sights: Iron sights, rear notch front shrouded post


Development of the OTs-12 started in the early 1990s, by designers V. N. Telesh and Yu. V. Lebedev of TsKIB SOO.

The weapon is based on the AKS-74U, with a similar layout and operating mechanism. It has its internal parts modified for firing 9x39mm Soviet subsonic rounds, with the sights and the muzzle device adjusted accordingly.

Hundreds of OTs-12 assault rifles were delivered to the MVD after production completed in 1993. It received wide acclaim as the 9mm subsonic round had better effects at close range on body armor and cover.

But compared to weapons using the same cartridge it does not possess any advantages, and the bullpup OTs-14 "Groza" was favored over the OTs-12, causing it to be abandoned in 1994. It never went into mass production.

The OTs-12 modified the bolt, barrel, muzzle device and magazine of the AKS-74U, with the 20-round magazine developed for the new standard-issue pouches, but a larger 25-round magazine existed from the early periods to the end of production.

While some sources state that the OTs-12 was given the designation of OTs-11, it was proven false by the fact that the OTs-11 "Nikel" revolver already existed, and photos of the OTs-12 that showed the weapon with the OTs-12 markings.

In-game stats

Catalogue number: No.105 Rarity:★★★
Nationality: RussianFlag of Russia.svg Type: Assault Rifle
CV: 内山夕实(Uchiyama Yumi) Illustrator: 林檎愛す
Health (B) 53→105 Damage (C) 15→42
Dodge (S) 7→54 Accuracy (S) 7→54
Movement speed (B) 10→10 Rate of fire (B) 48→72
Operational effectiveness
Resource demands
Ammo 20→60 Rations 20→60
Skill Description
Assault concentration-T Raises rate of fire by 35% (60%) and lasts for 6 (10) seconds. Initial cooldown at 4 second at an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypads 6 9

Effect Affects SMGs
Raises damage by 15% and rate of fire by 20%.
Acquired by
Production 03:10:00


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo dummy expansions.
  • Data in the Stats section correspond to the threshold at level 1 / at level 100 / after MOD 1 digi-mind update / after MOD 2 digi-mind update / after MOD 3 digi-mind update (if available).
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.
Pic OTs12.png
Pic OTs12 D.png
Censored damaged
Pic OTs12 Dhx.png


Case Login Audio
Login ショウジョゼンセン。
Girls' Frontline
Upon login わたしが出ようか?…あ、そっか、いいです、秘密兵器だから。
Commander, do I need to appear today?....Ah, it's ok, I know, I'm a secret weapon.
Acquisition 秘密兵器チーセス、到着!指揮官、もっと詳しい説明いる?
Secret weapon "Tiss", reporting in. Commander, do you need a more detailed description?
Ajutant 最近のわたしはどう?
How have I been recently?
I'll keep on waiting.
A bit noisy. Is that you behind me, commander? It's ok...
Adjutant (Post-oath link establishment
Had more cameos recently, all thanks to your attention on me... It's ok, there's no need to keep this happy thing secret.
Dormitory (liftoff) わわっ。
Dormitory (touch) へへへっ。
Echelon formation おお?秘密兵器に頼っちゃう?
Hmm? Had to rely on the secret weapon?
Mission start 行くわよ。みんな準備はいい?
Commencing. Is everyone ready?
Battle start チーセス!突撃開始!
"Tiss", beginning assault!
Damaged どうして…期待されてたのに…。
Why... I had much hope on me...
Restoration ごめん、次があったら…。
Sorry, hope I have a next chance...
Winning battle as MVP どう?秘密兵器のわたし。期待通りよね。
How is it? I didn't fail you as a secret weapon, did I?
Retreating こめんなさい…もっと…活躍したいのに…。
Sorry... Should have performed better......
Starting autobattle 秘密行動ですね、必ず果たします!
It's a secret operation this time, will get it done!
Beginning logistic support 仕入れに行ってきます。
Beginning procurement.
Finishing logistic support ただいま…みんないる?
Coming back...Is everyone here?
Finishing production 新しい仲間が来てるわ。
A new friend's coming.
Expansion やっぱ大事にしてくれますよね指揮官!
Of course I'm being paid attention to by the commander!
Powerup 分かってるよ、秘密改造ですよね。
Understood, a secret modification.
Skill activation ターゲット確認、撃て!
Target acquired, fire!
There's no escaping!
Shh... You are too noisy!
Oath link establishment 指揮官、これ、わたしに?…いや、謝らなくていいの、自分の価値は自分でわかってるもん。でもこれは、大切な秘密として心に刻んでおくわね。ありがとう指揮官。
Commander, is this, for me? Uh, don't apologize. I know my value. But if I could become the greatest secret in your heart, it's good enough for me. Thank you, commander.


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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.