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G.K is a music producer, The job is VOCALOID , Sound engineer at a company call Vanguard Sound.

Famous sounds producter

Graduated in by training class from a famous art school, with profound musical production and recording attainment. it is rumored to be the sound engineer and producer of VOCALOID CHINA's first Chinese sound library. He is currently director of audio at Vanguard Sound. Project supervision, composition, conditioning, mixing, master tape, are very good at.

Sounds Style

Because graduate from by training class, It has a deep understanding of music, commercial music has appeared in a variety of music styles, personal works are currently mostly electronic music.According the anime <Nano Core>,<Code Name:Bakery Girl>,Best at electronic music or a combination of electronic music and orchestral music. Its creative techniques alway have bright spots.Personal style is more obvious.

Original or Cooperation Sounds

  • 《Awaken》
  • 《Starting Line》
  • 《Kageokuri(Remix feat.IA)》
  • Nano Core Background music
  • 《LOVE SICK - Mirage Gazer》
  • 《【東方Project】Eschatology》

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