Feng Zikai

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Feng Zikai (豐子愷/丰子恺, 1898-1975), old name Feng Run (豐潤/丰润) or Feng Ren (豐仁/丰仁), from Tongxiang (桐鄉/桐乡), Zhejiang (浙江) Province, was not only a famous cartoonist, but also expert in landscape art, portrait painting, literature, translation, music and calligraphy. He went to Japan to study oil painting, violin and foreign language in 1921. After returning to China, he worked as a teacher of fine arts and music. In 1924, he published a cartoon piece, After the crowd dispersed, a crescent was hanging in the clear sky (人散後,一鈎新月天如水/人散后,一钩新月天如水), and became a member of the Advanced Literature Society. He was a commissioner of Shanghai Institute of Literature and History, executive director of Chinese Artists' Association, chairman of Shanghai Artists' Association and dean of Shanghai Institute of Chinese Paintings. He had published more than 10 types of translated works and painting albums. His cartoons are characterized by unique style, deep-reaching meaning and afford for thought.