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Original Name
Translation Name
Platform Windows/
Developed by Key


CLANNAD(Japanese:クラナド, koranado), is the 3rd visual novel game developed by Key, and has related anime, novel and comic.

  • Game version overview
    • The game is first released on 28 Apr, 2004.The full voice ver. is released on 29 Feb, 2008. The game is ported to Playstation 2 on 24 June, 2005 by Interchannel. The game is then released on 23 Feb, 2006(R15 game measured by CERO).


Anime (Movie ver.)

The movie is produced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

TV Anime

  • The anime is produced by Kyoto Animation. First on air in Oct, 2007.The anime has 22+2 episodes(22 main storyline and School Life ep 23, Tomoyo After ep 24)


  • Origin:Key/Visual Art's
  • Animation:Kyoto Animation
  • Director:
  • Character origin:
  • Character design: