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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Season 29: Mighty Little Defenders

Main artical: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
Since January 18, 2019
China: Aniworld TV, JIA JIA Cartoon, Toonmax TV, KAKU Kids
Official Website


General Wolf uses a magic functional chip to strengthen The Seven Evil Wolves' power to attack the Goat Village. In order to defend the Goat Village, the goats try every possible way and acquire a speciai weapon from a senior goat, Yang Guoguo.Thanks to the special weapon they acauired, the goats fight off the wolves time after time. Wolffy who is touched by the goats' kindness and teamwork spirit decides to help the goats and stop the fight. Will the ultimate peace come this time?


The Leader

Main artical: The Leader
Since January 28, 2019
China: bilibili


The Leader tells the story of Carl Marx's life in the "Millennium Thinker". Marx is not only a great man in the sky, but his ideology built in his life has awakened the world's sleeping proletariat and profoundly affected the development of world history. Marx is also an ordinary person with flesh and blood. The love that he was obstructed with Jenny and the friendship he almost missed with Engels became the best story.



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